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Deanna Wickey holds a BS from the Washington University School of Technology and Engineering and then went on to receive her Missouri Aesthetics license from the prestigious Aesthetics Institute of Saint Louis in Missouri. She then continued her education, earning her Master Aesthetics License in the state of Virginia. Deanna has never ceased her educational pursuits; she has taken numerous advanced esthetics-training courses, worked in the Medical Esthetics Industry as a trainer/educator and at the present, is pursuing certification from the National Coalition of Esthetics as well as Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (ND) program. Her first career in the field of Esthetics was a lofty one; she opened and operated a day spa on day one of receiving her Missouri License. While operating her spa, she continued her studies at the Deaconess College of Nursing and worked with renowned dermatologist, Dr. Quarles. Dr. Quarles was voted Practitioner of the Year by the National Medical Association. Esthetics is her passion. She also has received the prestigious Eippy Book Award for My Creative Thoughts #1 Best Seller which is Inspired by Global Best-Selling Authors.

New Oil Treatments Available

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